The Independent Paperback Gift Shop

The Independent Paperback Gift Shop
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Independent Gift Shop Catalogue

Hi guys.

Been a while. The Wizard's Cauldron has taken off and I've neglected this a bit. Sorry. 


Work on the Catalogue begins this weekend. 

I intend to feature all 102 books currently in the Gift Shop.

I intend to create an A4 PDF of approximately 45 pages which I will distribute to the four corners of the cyberglobe (though, as you know, a globe doesn't have corners. I do remember some maths!).

I intend to send the e-Catalogue to READERS and GIFT BUYERS.

All your covers will be included, plus links. 

Gifted poet and immaculate memoirist, Sue Lobo, has kindly written three poems on the subject of writing which will structure the catalogue.

If you have multiple books in the Gift Shop, I shall feature them together in double pages if necessary. 

There will also be Ten Vignettes featuring authors and their current work, with a photo, a bio, links, blog details and a sample extract from their book. 


This is what I need from you.

1) JPEG COVERS.  If you haven't done so, let me have a decent JPEG of your cover. If all you have supplied so far is a link to your amazon page, then that's fine, but you'll be going to toward the back of the catalogue.

2) LINKS: Send me your current links to the books. I'm toying with the idea of having a separate WEBSITE/BLOG LISTING page, so let me have your blog links too. I'm possibly going to include cover artist details so let me have those too.

3) EXTRACTS: If you have a particular extract (around 50-100 words) of your book you think is a big selling point, send it to me and I shall try to accommodate you.

4) TITLE SUGGESTIONS: What shall I call the catalogue? Suggestions please.

I'm sure I'll think of something else. Keep your eye on the blog. 

I'm going to disappear from Facebook and the shop for about two weeks beginning October 2nd. This is going to be high intensity work. 

My good friend Mary Ann Bernal is going to be keeping things ticking over for me while I slave in my garret with cutting knife, pasteboard and cauldron. She'll keep me posted.

There is still room in the Catalogue for more books if you know someone with a paperback. But only for one more week.

And now a word from our sponsors...

"I firmly believe that there is an active, affluent, keen and effervescent market for niche, high quality paperback books, entirely separate to e-books. Also I believe that your books are an ideal gift for friends and relatives struggling to think of what to buy as stocking boosters, Secret Santas etc. Some of them are so beautiful to look at, it doesn't matter about the writing! One can just stare at the covers. I hope your sales figures raise the roof. Look forward to the launch party!"  

All the best, Wiz.

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