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Sunday, 5 August 2012

"Engulfed" by Jennifer Kane

Jennifer Kane
Jenny Is 26, a mother, a wife and a Christian. Originally from North Carolina and currently a resident of Southern Florida. 

She's am avid fan of History and the daily lives of ordinary people in the past. 

Look out for more of the Engulfed series soon.


"Possibly the most enticing cover in your shop, Marky" (MH, 36, Gift Shop Customer)


Endless nightmares, haunting memories and frustrating silence. 

That is Jane's life. Jane fears for her sanity and struggles to move past the night she witnessed her mother's murder, her father's torture and became a mute. Jane welcomes the distractions of growing up the daughter of a rich land owner and enjoys matching wits against those who would cross her and between her stepmother trying to improve her and her nasty neighbor plotting against her Jane has much to occupy her mind in the day light hours but Jane is about to get more then she bargained for when strange travelers come in to play bringing poison and betrayal with them.

She will soon find herself facing the monster of her nightmares. Will she be able to defeat him alone or will she be Engulfed in the past?


"I really knew nothing about this book, but was pleased on this rainy saturday to sit and devour it.It was a very good plot and was woven and tied together masterfully. With the rain falling on the roof as a backdrop, I felt as though I was a part of the story and became engulfed in this book. Though I wish it had of been longer and could have more information on the murderer but I guess I'll be waiting for a sequell and another rainny day.It was cool the way the girl was able to use her surroundings to defend herself and get help to the others. Beleivable is important.The way people used to visit back and forth and things that were important to them was helpful in drawing me into the plot.I found myself wanting to experience the christmas season with them in that era." (Stuart, Amazon)

You Tube Book Trailer

Being young, Jennifer has embraced computer technology and here's a You Tube trailer for Engulfed!!


Fun facts about Florida

Florida is home to one of the biggest Greyhound Racing stadia in the world at
Jacksonville. They race eight dogs in America and just six in Great Britain.

Miami is the setting of one of the greatest novels of the modern era - Charles Willeford's "The Shark Infested Custard"

Oranges from Florida are particularly juicy.

The state of Florida is roughly the size of England and Wales covering an area of 58,000 square miles.
Florida has over 1,300 miles of coastline with 800 miles of beaches.
There are 30,000 lakes and over 1000 golf courses.
Florida receives over 41 Million visitors each year.(abridged from  )

Of course, everyone knows Florida is famous for its alligators, which can often be found on front lawns and in bedrooms. One famous take on the Florida alligator experience comes in the form of the classic Roger Moore Crocodile Escape scene in the film "Live and Let Die." The insane stunt man responsible is Ross Kananga - ironically, the name of the Yaphet Kotto villain from the film.

Engulfed can be purchased from the following website - at EIGHT outlets!!!

Worth having for the high production value cover alone, according to one customer!! The best of luck to Jennifer from all at the Gift Shop.

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